Although LUSH provide products for the Middle East markets that do not contain alcoholic ingrediants, they do not do this in UK. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted about LUSH introducing seven alcoholic-free alternatives to a selection of their limited edition Winter range. Note the 'limited'.... Read more

Bee has been ill for most of the week, so not very exciting photos. We were meant to be attending a Little Tikes Play Date on Thursday but ended up missing it; was gutted! But on the brighter side she does appear to now be over the worst of it. Day 321 - This is Bee climbing all over the sofa, no matter... Read more

Another relatively quiet week. It is the final week before hubby returns (after 2 months) and it seems to be dragging so much I have almost lost the will to live! But we have survived this long without him! Days 314 - Bee got hold of one of my scarfs. Cue some fun between her and the cat, because as... Read more